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Eat at Chipotle in March and April, and support Saturday School!

See our News post for details about out fundraiser for the George B. Thomas Learning Academy.

Next date:  Mon. March 27  (only from 2pm-9pm) – at the Chipotle in Aspen Hill – Aspen Hill Shopping Center, 13501 Connecticut Ave

Chipotle Fundraiser details – CLICK HERE


Saturday School provides academic tutoring and mentoring support for students Grades K-12 in Montgomery County MD. We offer the extra help many students need to stay on track in school and move ahead to bridge the achievement gap. 

Our programs focus on Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics and Test-Taking skills. We believe these are the basics every student must master to have success and confidence in life, college and career.

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30 years working

to close the Achievement Gap in Montgomery County MD


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In Memory of Dr. George B. Thomas Sr.

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“Education is the equalizer”

We all play a role in how well our children learn


“My daughter benefits from the program… Everyone at Saturday School has been very welcoming and helpful.”

Parent of a high school student

“Saturday School is a way that our children could get the extra help and advice they needed – at a price we could afford.”

Parent of two students

The George B. Thomas Learning Academy, with its signature program Saturday School, is proud to be a vetted charity in the Catalogue for Philanthropy of Greater Washington.

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