Our Programs

In addition to Saturday School, the George B. Thomas Learning Academy offers other programs and partnerships to enhance the learning success of students in Grades K-12 and beyond, as they continue into college and careers.

We also work with other organizations to provide learning opportunities for families and the entire Montgomery County community. Read more about our programs below.

This is our signature program offered at 12 center locations in Montgomery County.

Aristotle Circle Peer Tutors – customized tutoring in math for middle and high school students.

Young Scholars Program helps selected students in Grades 3-5 advance with a specialized curriculum.

Rewarding high school seniors for academic achievement and participation in Saturday School.

ACES (Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success) supports students in Grade 11 and 12, then into college.

An adult literacy program in partnership with the Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy.

Saturday School Program


This year Saturday School runs from September 24, 2016 to May 6, 2017.

Our core program focuses on Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics and Test-Taking skills. Material is aligned with the curriculum at Montgomery County Public Schoos/MCPS, and students have an opportunity to review concepts and homework covered during their school week.


Our fees are set to be low-cost to students and their families.

$70 covers the entire year.

(If your family is elegible for FARMs (Free And Reduced-priced Meals), then the fee is $40.)

Aristotle Circle Tutors


Saturday School partners with Aristotle Circle Peer Tutors (AC Peer Tutors) to provide middle and high school students with customized tutoring in mathematics  — from Pre-Algebra (Middle School Math) through AP Calculus.

AC Peer Tutors are high-achieving local high school student tutors that are matched for each request. The AC Peer Tutors are carefully screened and serve as effective tutors and role models for other students.


To be entitled to discounted rates for Aristotle Peer Tutors (math tutoring only), you must register first through Saturday School.

If Registering also for Saturday School:

If a student registers to attend Saturday School, there is no additional fee required to get the discounted rates for AC Peer Tutors. Rates are $15 per 30 minute session for our students.

If Only Requesting for Aristotle Circle Peer Tutors:

First, pay a $25 initial fee through the Saturday School registration process. Then, students can request AC Peer Tutors at the discounted rate of $15 per 30 minute session. Each student schedules tutoring session directly through AC Peer Tutors.

Young Scholars Program


The Young Scholars Program (YSP) was designed in collaboration with Montgomery County Public Schools for students in Grades 3, 4 and 5. It is a free program for students who are selected and invited to join.

The goal of Young Scholars Program is to support students in advancing their critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. During the hours of Saturday School, students in this program are engaged in a challenging curriculum that prepares them for accelerated math and science programs during their middle and high school years.


Students selected for the Young Scholars Program (YSP) register with Saturday School at the standard fees ($70 per year; or $40 if eligible for FARMs program – Free And Reduced Priced Meals).

Their is no additional fee for the Young Scholars Program.


Young Scholars Program details:  Young Scholars Program – Brochure 2015-16



The George B. Thomas, Sr. High Achievement Scholarship rewards high school seniors who have been a part of our Saturday School program of the George B. Thomas Learning Academy.  Students can either have consistently attended Saturday School or served as a MCPS Student Volunteer for our program.

This is a competitive scholarship, and students must show high academic achievement. The awards are based on established criteria which are used to evaluate each applications.



Applications are due April 22, 2017.

Click here for Scholarship details: 2017 Scholarship Guidelines

Click here for Scholarship Application:  2017 Scholarship Application Form

Awards winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies of Saturday School.



ACES Program


  • An academic support program for students in Grade 11-12 that continues into college.
  • A free program for eligible and selected students.

The Academic Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) program provides academic coaches and support to targeted high school students in Montgomery County (MCPS) and helps them succeed in completing an undergraduate degree at Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove.

Targeted students are those who are generally underrepresented in college or who would be first in their families to graduate from college.

Saturday School is a partner in this program, offering academic support at our Centers during the 11th and 12 Grades of high school.


ACES is a free program that starts in 11th grade and continues through 12th grade, then through college.

Application Process:

Apply for ACES in Fall of 10th grade to begin in the Fall of 11th grade.

Applications for ACES program beginning in the Fall of 2017 are due December 23, 2016.

Find all the details, the list of the 10 high schools in program, and application on the ACES website here.

Adult English Literacy Program (MCAEL Partner)


Saturday School/George B. Thomas Learning Academy currently offers an Adult Literacy Program at our Watkins Mill High School center location in Gaithersburg. This program is made possible with a grant from MCAEL, the Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy.


To learn more, or to register, please….