Our Certified Teachers and Volunteers are vital to helping students with their school work and encouraging them to strive for academic excellence.

Our teachers and volunteers are also important because they become examples to students of what it means to value education and to serve the community.

The Saturday School program allows interaction in small groups, and this creates an opportunity for our staff, teachers, volunteers and students to get to know each other as individuals. That level of understanding is what leads to making a more memorable impact in each other’s lives.

Please join us – as a Teacher or Volunteer – in making a valuable contribution to the learning experiences of our Saturday School students.


Saturday School hires certified teachers and SAT/ACT Test Prep instructors to work at all 12 Saturday School center locations.

Our curriculum is aligned to that of Montgomery County Public Schools. Current MCPS teachers are especially effective in supporting our work at Saturday School because of their familiarity with what our students are learning during the school year. However, we welcome applications from all certified teachers to help us support the learning success of students at all grade levels.

Certified Teachers

Our Lead Tutors at Saturday School are certified teachers who provide the primary instruction during our morning program.

You can select the grade levels you are most interested in teaching and the prefered Saturday School locations where you would like to serve.

SAT/ACT Test Prep Instructors

Saturday School currently offers SAT/ACT Test Preparation at four of our center locations:

In Kensington – at Albert Einstein High School;  in Silver Spring – at Springbrook High School and Montgomery Blair High School; and in Burtonsville – at Paint Branch High School.

We hope to offer SAT/ACT test prep at all 12 Centers. Please contact us for information and details by clicking on “Apply”



We value the work of our volunteers in helping to support our staff and the overall mission at Saturday School – to increase the academic success of our students and encourage them to feel proud and confident as learners.

Our focus is in improving students’ mastery of core academic subjects – specifically reading, language arts, and mathematics. At the high school level, students also get help in advanced mathematics and AP sciences.

Our volunteers can contribute greatly to preparing our students for college and their future careers.

Adult Volunteers

Adult Volunteers – including current college and university students – can select to volunteer at any of our 12 Center locations in Montgomery County.

You will support our staff and certified teachers in a variety of tasks or in mentoring students in specific subjects.

MCPS Student Volunteers

MCPS Student Volunteers are high school students currently enrolled in Montgomery County Public Schools.

You can select the Center location where wish to volunteer, and you will support our staff and certified teachers in a variety of tasks or mentoring in specific subjects.

Please use the online form to apply as a MCPS Student Volunteer.